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Here it is! The new season! Throwing down opinions. Haven't really watched any subs yet since i'm lazy right now.

Muvluv Alternative: Total Eclipse - Mostly watching cuz of the muvluv title and since i know backstory for it. Haven't actually finished it yet though >< This is a side-story so it shouldn't be too bad though. Also opens up possibilities for the actual Muvluv series to be animated. The CG/Animation balance isn't too bad either. Biggest issue I'm seeing is them not explaining fully why they have certain tactics against the BETA and such.

Tari Tari - It's a music show so I at least plan on watching it. The Reflectia chorus at the beginning definitely caught my attention too. It being an original story, having males as part of the main cast, and P.A. Works doing it is hopefully a good sign as far as that goes too. Also Austrailian guy being a Sentai fan ups the like meter for me XD This show definitely has potential and hope it does well in delivering.