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Originally Posted by Twilight-kun View Post
can we use Legendary pokemon?
We cannot. I couldn't enter with Reshiram and Kyurem which I pretty expected but they did not allow Latias to enter as well.

Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
They sure do a good job with the movesets. They have a counter for everything. I really love the challenge in it.

Does anyone know if this is the best source for BP though? I only get about 1-2 each time, and those Choice items aren't cheap.
Play World Leaders in Double/Triple/Rotation mode. In World Leaders and Champions's modes, you get BPs equal to this equation: 3 * number of your chosen Pokémon - number of your fainted Pokémon.
I suggested Double/Triple/Rotation because you choose 4 instead of 3 Pokémon.
And I must add that World Leaders are easier than the Region Leaders even though it's kinda weird :D
Or if you don't feel confident, have some BPs in Battle Subway and buy Choices there

Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
Those movesets are insanely good. Like, this is probably the best I've seen ever. Hopefully the AI matches the moves because the potential skill these characters could have is RIDICULOUS. Like, it doesn't look like anyone will be very easy.
The AI DOES match the movesets... guys like Pryce are OVERPOWERED o.O
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