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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Tyro grinned at Able, "Yeah! We can be bro and sis and be like 'sis!' and you can be like 'bro!' and we can just be like that and be awesome and everyone will be like 'bro and sis?' and we'll be like 'yeah bro and sis!' and then we can train together and be super awesome because the more we train the stronger we become and we also become faster and so we can train longer and harder and be the best in the academy and then we can do all kinds of stuff that is awesome!"

    Suddenly Tyro saw Ozzy near them and grabbed the Pachirisu and held him up. "Look Sis! It' the little dude! It's my little bro! I was all like 'hey there you want to be my bro?' and he was all like 'sure dude!' and then we were all like 'dude!' and he was like 'dude!' and I was like 'dude!' and then we-"

    Lucia followed after Danielle as Roberto stayed close behind her. Once they got inside Lucia went and grabbed her plate of food, putting on a burger and a salad on her tray. The cafeteria was pretty empty so it wasn't that hard to find a table for them to sit at. Roberto made sure to stay with her at all times and leaned against the wall as he looked over the area.
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