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OK, I haven't watched in ages. In general, I did find the battle really interesting, but I found I had too many problems, mostly with Homika being way overpowered. Especially that Koffing >_> I suppose they just want to give a good show for BW2 characters. Yay for anime physics with it being able to topple over Boldore. Palpitoad went out way too quickly. Pikachu really should've used Thunderbolt while [the dustbin Pokemon] was holding it. They had an interesting way of showing poison, but it is a kiddies show, so, heh. I thought toxic killed off Ash's Pokemon way too quickly. I know that the effects gradually get worse, but still. I enjoyed Homika's character, but I was expecting her to be 17/18 not 10 o___O I don't like the freckles.
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