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    Ok here we go!


    Name: Cody Rhodes

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Born in Nuvema Town, Unova, but grew up in Goldenrod City, Johto

    Reason for Entering: The challenge



    Barely an hour after Cody was born, his father received a phone call from the Pokemon secret police for whom he had worked his entire life, this phone call was to inform him that he had been called upon by Lance, the champion of the Kanto region, personally, to work as a private member of police staff at the Kanto Hall Of Fame HQ at the Indigo Plateau. This job, although a supreme honour and a dream come true, meant that he would have to leave first thing the next morning to begin his new training. It also meant that he would have to live far away from his family’s home in the Unova region, and would get very few opportunities to visit.

    Cody’s father did not want to leave at all, especially only 10 hours after the birth of his first child, but upon discussion with his wife, it was agreed that it was the best thing, after all; he had spent his entire life working for the police force, working his way up the ranks, and this was a fantastic opportunity, but not only that, his job was the only source of income the family had, and although he could get another job, it wouldn’t be one that he felt would earn enough money to support his wife and newborn son, at least not for a time, and he wanted nothing more than to provide for his family.

    Cody’s father did not sleep all night, he remained with his wife who was exhausted and drifted off peacefully holding her child, staring at the two of them, trying to savour up each moment he would get with them before having to leave, the very last thing he did before leaving the house to catch the boat to Kanto, was to leave a single Pokeball in Cody’s crib, before with a tear in his eye, whisking away into the still dark morning.

    The next morning, Cody’s mother placed him in his crib for the first time, not noticing the Pokeball; she set the baby monitor and went downstairs to start on her days chores. Cody rolled over and led on the Pokeball forcing it to open, and in a stream of blue light appeared...
    A Pichu!

    The Pichu still a baby itself was fascinated by the baby Cody, and Cody by it, and the two hit it off straight away. His mother could not take him more than 10 feet away from the pokemon without Cody screaming and crying, and therefore they became inseparable.
    A year later, a disaster occurred...

    Three bandits had attempted to break into the Kanto regions hall of fame in an attempt to steal valuable paintings, statues, and anything else they could get their hands on, and during the attempted robbery Cody’s father was tragically killed, having not even had the chance to return home so see his wife and newborn son for a second time.

    When Cody turned six years old, his mother received a letter from the Johto Pokemon Elite Trainers School stating that Lance, in honour of his father’s bravery, had himself paid the incredible amount of money required to begin training there in the art of pokemon mastery on their very expensive elite course, for which rich children from all around the world had been sent. Cody’s mother, knowing that her husband would have been proud for his son to attend the school, allowed Cody to go to the boarding school, but not being able to afford to move there herself, tearfully said goodbye to her son and his best friend Pichu as she took a ship to Johto, and made sure he was registered in.
    During his time at the school, Cody showed an incredible natural talent for understanding and training pokemon. Every week the school would assign a new pokemon each student to train and work with, before taking it away and replacing it with another, they were all of course allowed one starting pokemon of which they kept, and although Cody was offered many times to switch his Pichu for one of the more traditional starting pokemon, he respectfully declined.

    Cody’s knack for understanding all pokemon, as well as training them individually, and memorising all their move sets, stats and other information was incredible. At age ten he was diagnosed by a doctor as having a rare type of psychological skill which on top of giving him an absolutely perfect photographic memory, allowed him to take in detail of anything he looked at within seconds, seeing not only the basic picture, but every element of it. This skill however had a price...

    Absolute, social awkwardness.

    His time at the school was a phenomenal experience, he loved working with so many pokemon, and couldn’t soak up enough knowledge, but there were many setbacks. He was heavily bullied by other students, and this left him with very little confidence in himself. The only time Cody ever really thrived and forgot his insecurities was when battling, at which time he became as heroic and charismatic as any Pokemon master the world has ever known, but the second the battle was over, he became regular old douche bag Cody Rhodes...

    Now 18 years of age, not much has changed, Cody is still as socially incompetent as ever, and has very little confidence in himself, constantly slouching, staring at the floor, afraid to make any sort of human contact, especially around girls, but his skills as a Pokémon trainer have reached extraordinary levels. In only two years after graduating the school at 16 years old, he defeated 7 of the gym leaders from each of the Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova regions. Why not the 8th? Nerves... Every time Cody reached badge number seven, his nerves would get the best of him and he would just move to a new region and start from scratch, therefore never fully qualifying for that regions pokemon league tournament.
    As for the Kanto region, he stayed well away...

    Cody is now entering the Pokemon Grand Tournament. He is determined to conquer his fear of failure, and believed this to be the best way to do it, the money is a bonus, as it would be of great help to his mother, but the biggest lure is the challenge. Some of the best pokemon trainers from around the world are gathering to compete, and maybe if he can beat his nerves and do well here, well then maybe, just maybe he can finally enter, and complete the Kanto Pokemon Gym Challenge, and ultimately, the league...

    He has chosen the three pokemon that has served him the best over his two years on his adventure.



    Ability - Static
    Movies - Thunderbolt - Double Team - Dig - Volt Switch


    Ability - Thick Fat
    Movies - Rest - Flamethrower - Ice Beam - Giga Impact


    Ability - Levitate
    Movies - Hypnosis - Perish Song - Shadow Ball - Destiny Bond
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