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Normal- Stanter. Don't we already have Girafraig? Filler pokemon for sure.

Fighting- Heracross just really irritates me. Never sold on Bug/Fighting pokemon as well. :/

Flying- Wingull/Pelliper. Supersonic + No electric type = hell on earth

Grass- Parasect. Grass/Bug is one of the worst type combinations in the game, two double weaknesses (3 in gen 11) plus abysmal stats.

Bug- All of the Caterpie/Weedle clones. Useless, filler pokemon made so that bug catcher could have something to play with

Poison- Skorupi. It's design is horrible and is another Bug/Poison type.

Fire- Charziard is abysmal. Stealth rocks make it about a usefull as a truck made out of china, and it's horribly simplistic and overall painfully childish design doesn't help matters.

Water- Luvdisc. It knows sweet kiss, it is useless in battle, it NEVER gives me heart scales.

Ice- Jynx. What the crap is this thing doing in a Pokemon game. Nightmarish design.

Electric- Pachurisu. Pikachu clone which has no redeeming qualities about it.

Psychic- Exeggutor. Grass/Psychic are a awful combination. Also has a terrible design.

Dark- Can I skip this one? I don't hate any dark types.

Ghost- Sableye. Great typing + horrible everything else = immense dissapointment

Rock- Gigalith. It's just a cluster of spikes.

Ground- Torterra is just dire. Has horrible Special Defense and atrocious bad speed.

Dragon- Dragonite. It's bad apart from it's design. Did a toddler design it?

Steel- Mawile. What. The. Hell. Is. That. Thing.

Legendary- White Kyurem. This has got to be a joke or something. It's design is so freaking clutterd and looks ridiculously rushed, with parts of kyurem and reshiram **** spewd all over it.

Worst overall is Kyurem and it's forms. I suck at drawing and I could'nt draw down something worse looking than that joke.