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    Black Restart Day 8 Part 1:
    I swept the Ice Gym and Brycen with only 3 pokemon. Only Krokorok fainted as I was training him which helped. After I got out of the gym Cheren and Bianca both met me and we talked about how much Cheren had changed. After that Brycen came out and yelled who are you. Bianca and Cheren thought he was talking to them,but he was not. Then that is when the Shadow Triad appered they gave me a message to go see N on Dragonspiral Tower. After that Cheren and Brycen went off ahead of me. Bianca did not know what to do. I rushed to the pokemon center to heal up then ran north. On my way I caught a Druddigon. Then I talked to Prof. Juniper's father and Bianca came up behind me. She said she would stand guard with the Prof. I went in and to my left layed a Plasma member defeated by Brucen and Cheren. I ran and and CHeren yelled at me and said I would have to use the pillars. I caught a Golett on the first floor. Then I went up to the next floor were an epic battle was going on between man Plasma Members and Brycen and Cheren. I had to fight countless members myself on the way up. finaly I got to the last floor and 4 plasma members challenged me. 4 on 1 didn't seem fair but I sweaped them. After that I went up to the top and I was too late. N had summoned Zekrom and told me to find Reshiram if I wanted to stop him. We met on the top floor and we went back to town were Alder explained stuff and told me to meet him at Relic Castle. After some training my Krokorok,Scraggy,Cubchoo,and Axew evolved. And now I am waiting to fly back to Nimbasa City.

    Current Team:
    Samurott Lv 40
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    Rufflet Lv 40
    Fraxure Lv 40