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Team Victory St★r

*Breathes deeply* Here I go. My name is Trask3000, BlankPoints from Youtube or Edward in IRL :D. I joined this website back in 2007 and I was watching, learning and improving my skills as hacker and now I'm ready to start my hack. I had ideas to make a hack when I was 14 but the final product only came a few years ago (I think 2009-ish). Over the years I was inspired by many people but the ones that really stood out were destinedjagold (the trilogy that he made), Cutlerine (for the very unorthodox Snakewood that was really awesome) and Wesley FG (for how awesome Light Platinum was). The reason I made this team is to recruit people that will help make my dreams a reality.

Current Project
Pokemon Isles of Dyloma: Origins
Hack of:Firered
I'm trying to find a really cool word other than Origins (People might think because it is the first game out of the series that it would be called Origins). Also this game is both anime and main Pokemon game based so you'll see some or hear people talk about past characthers/events.

Hack Info

Timeline: If it takes Ash at least a year to go through each region then by the time he reached Sinnoh he would 14 (give or take). This story takes place 4 years after the events that took place in Sinnoh which would make Ash and Gary Oak 18. Thus this how Gary Oak became a Professor.

Story Intro (EDITED, Also the info about the main characters is in the post below)
Cyrus emerges from the Distortion World to find Team Galactic disbanded and Charon was arrested by the police because of what happened in Stark Mountain. During his time in the Distortion World Cyrus finds out info about the "God of Pokemon" and stumbled across a very key item that would help create a new world at a whim. With the design plans left behind by Charon Cyrus is planning on using them to prevent anyone from foiling his plans. With the grunts that are left Cyrus formed a new team - New Galactic and proceed to Dyloma to get make his plans a reality.
Now the story start with a slightly hyperactive 14 year old boy named Terence who moved to Dyloma with his parents. After arriving in Dyloma Terence is enrolled into their town's Trainer School where he becomes friends with the tom-boyish and adventurous Naomi, and the calm and shy photographer Davis.One day after Trainer School was over, the renound, Professor Gary Oak, asked Terence and his friends to do him a favor and roam the landscape of Dyloma and catagorize all of the pokemon located in the region. Little do they know that they are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with friends and enemies at all sides, where will your adventure take you?

An orginisation with talented trainers who help save the region from any disaster. It is the daughter organisation of the Rangers. In any organisation their is some sort of rank system and the X-fficials aren't any different. These ranking licenses are given when trainers do an outstanding job on missions or selfless actions to protect the region. The ranks are C, B, A, S, and Z, with C being the lowest and Z being the highest.

There are 20 available missions in the game ranging from ★ to ★★★★★. Missions are generally easy which involve the completing of certain tasks eg giving an individual the requested item or fighting a group of wild pokemon. Missions can be accepted when you talk to certain individuals but the the higher difficultly missions can not be accepted you get the appropriate ranking license. ★★★★★ or 5★ are the most difficult and are often related to the main story.

TURN or the Technological Unified Relay Navigator is an invention by Mr.Trask (Head of the Research and Development Deptmartment of the Dyloma X-fficials) that strap on to the arm of the trainer. They are given to new trainers as they start their adventure. They come in various colors and are programmed with various apps like media player, internet, etc (essentially it is an I-Pad on you wrist :D). The Pokedex are now being built into newer models or available as an app for older versions. Terence's mom won a TURN for him through a sweepstake. Also it has phone and video calling capabilities. Though there is no in-game interface for it :( but I would try to make it a very essential part of the game.

New Items
TMs being able to use over and over (hopefully). Elemental Crystals: These are highly compressed gems (fire gem, steel gem, grass gem, etc from Gen 5) that now in crystal form. Unlike gems that are used only once the crystals can be used forever to give certain moves a boost in power. (These are just like the Soft Sand, Miracle Seed and Charcoal from Gen 3)

New Moves
Crabhammer to Aqua Punch and many others

A mix of Pokemon from all gens. 150 + 50 additional pokemon to balance it out (sorry I don't like fakemon)

New Story

New Region: Dyloma

New and Return Characters

New music and tiles

New Gym Leaders and Elite 4

Special Event Patches (additional missions, a new area in the region, etc)

What is done so far

The Story is a 100% completed with possible additional contents if some parts of story were to change.

I got the music done (in .mid format)

I drew the world map in a notebook but it has to drawn in firered/leafgreen format so it can inserted into the game.

All the Pokemon Sprites in 64x64 courtesy of Wesley FG (front and back but no shiny ones)

Gym Leaders and Elite 4 sprites are done (not in 64x64 format, so they will need to be shrunk down. The biggest sprite is like 75x64, all of them are 64 pixels across)

My Skills
Well as the saying go Jack of all trades but a Master of none. I dabble in few areas but I'm not 100% great at them. I did some spriting, scripting and mapping.

Help Wanted
Awesome SCRIPTERS,especially with complicated scripts and events.

Music Inserter

Tile Makers



Tile Maker/Inserter



Storyliners (to help me with the missions and other story elements)

Banner creators

If there are anymore positions that comes to my head I'll post it.

Current Team Members

Team Leaders: Me, Thatonegurl (Also a scripter)

Other Members
Pinta77 (Scripter)
C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f (Tiles & Stuff)
Jbsundown (Scripter)
Daniel Evans (Banner Creator)
Kid1513 (Spriter)
Mudkips4life (Mapper)
Silent Crest (Storyliner)
Acecaldwell01 (Mapper & Scripter)
mavy42 (A lot of things XD)
BlackAdam (Mapper & Story helper)

Application Form
Your name/What you want to be called:


When you're on and timezone:

Proof of Work:

Way of contact:

Why you want to join:

I hope with the help from you guys this game will become one of the flagship of PokeCommunity like Light Platinum, Ruby Destiny and Flora Sky. Also thank you for helping make my dreams come through :D.
~Making Dreams come true~

GO Team Victory St★r!!!!!!