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Originally Posted by epicbawler View Post
Ok so i was gonna get soul silver today and i was wondering what pokemon is the best one out of these: HootHoot, Zubat, or pidgeot?

oh yeah and i was wondering whats a good place to train my pokemon before the first gym because i like to overlevel them before i fight any gym leaders..
Pidgey > Pidgeot and Zubat > Crobat are you best choices here imo. Although HootHoot > Noctowl is good, it's not as powerful as Pidgeot later in the game, as well as Zubat > Crobat who I'd recommend over all for it's best typing, which will prove especially useful against Bugsy. Although if you think you're going to have trouble with Morty, catching an additional HootHoot and training it or placing it in the Day Care until it either is able to evolve and/or learns a few psychic moves such as Hypnosis and Confusion would be extremely useful. Although, Hypno would easily fill in such a place -- which is able to be caught on the same route as the Day Care center is located.

And, I highly suggest you train in the bellsprout tower (which will give your pokemon quite a few levels anyway) like previously mentioned, alongside griding in route 30 and 31. The Ruins of Alph is also a possible training area as well the first patch of grass on Route 32.
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