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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Oak Town

    "Yeah, you're right." Maxwell smiled at Genevieve, "We should probably find Brian first, who knows, maybe he would like an ice cream now?" At the mention of ice cream, Maxwell felt his stomach rumble. Oh man, he had been so busy with chasing Shinobi, battling Nika and finding Brian a birthday-present that he had completely forgot to take a snack! He quickly dug into hus pockets to see if he had any consumables there, but to his shock and surprise, there were none in there!

    "Say, how about we go get some ice cream real quick? For starters I'm starving, and ice cream would probably cheer Brian up a bit! At least it cheers me up a bit! But now that I think about it, almost every type of food cheers me up..." Maxwell said while drifting off for a moment. In his drifting-off, a thought struck the teen. If he was hungry, then it probably meant that Wilson was hungry as well. And if Wilson was hungry, there was not really much you can or should do about it besides giving him food.

    "Sla, sla..."[Hey Maxwell...] Slackey poked his head out for a moment, probably he had woken up from his otherwise constant sleep to share some of his boundless knowledge.

    "Huh, what is it Slackey?" Maxwell asked.

    "Sla, sla, oth, koth?"[I have a feeling that Wilson is about to do something stupid due to hunger, maybe you should send Quillie after him?]

    "Maybe so..." Maxwell pondered. He then reached for his pockets and fished out Quillie's Pokéball. He quickly let out the Quilava and told him to find Wilson.

    "Qui, quilava, qui?"[Hm, has the ever-so-intelligent sloth had a preminition about how our dear Wilson will end the world?] the Fire-Type said sarcastically.

    Slackey, feeling too tired to argue, slowly crept back into Maxwell's hood and fell asleep.

    "Qui."[Whatever.] Quillie said and took off into Oak Town.

    Wilson the Swinub
    Oak Town

    Wilson sighed, the rumblings in his stomach grew louder and louder until the point where he wished that he had arms to plug his ear-holes with. He had to find food quickly! But he had to remain calm, he couldn't let his hunger get the best of him! The Swinub sniffed the ground in hope of finding something good, and luckily he did! A whiff of something sweet and cold had reached Wilson's nose, and he quickly set off in that direction.
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