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Originally Posted by Tigerkit300 View Post
Okay I need some suggestions, here is my team....





I was thinking maybe Tynamo(Since it evolves into Elecktross), Axew(Since it evolves into Haxorus) for the last to pokemon on my team, any different suggestions for the last two pokemon on my team?
Merged with this thread as it doesn't fit the requirements for a rate (e.g. full team/movesets).

I personally feel Tynamo has a limit movepool for ingame so you could always consider going with the electric spider instead (which is also much easier to find in the same location). When I used Axew it proved fairly useful though.
Originally Posted by mrpotatoheadowns View Post
Hi everyone, I need recommendations on how to finish off and balance my team. I have beaten the Elite Four and all but I wasn't a fan of the pokemon I used and I'm trying to get a more likeable team.
*I don't want to replace any I have, keep that in mind.
*Levels aren't permanent I'm still boosting.
*I don't want ones that can't evolve without being traded or something.
-Blastoise lvl 100 all water moves
-Flareon lvl 89 all fire moves
-Staraptor lvl 73 three flying, one steel moves
-Absol lvl 50 two dark, one normal, one bug moves

Suggestions? I tried to base the core around the Elite 4 [i.e. flareon/staraptor vs 1st, blastoise vs 2nd + 3rd, absol (eventually) vs 4th] but Cynthia pisses me off with Togakiss and Milotic. I know electric could work with them but all the ones I have stink (I can boost but I don't like their power or leveled up attacks.)

Shameless bump. Any ideas?
Well, it's hard to say given you're interested in getting a more 'likeable team' - what I might like (e.g. despite not having a wide movepool in 4th gen I like Luxray) may differ from your opinion. But other electric types to consider include Electrivire (if you can trade or use the GTS trick with evolving Pokemon through trades) and Rotom and its forms.

BTW Staraptor could use Close Combat as it's a useful move for it to have and suits it as a fast hard hitter. Some more variety in moves too would be an idea for Blastoise and Flareon (why all water for instance? Try some other moves, like say Ice Beam for instance).