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Originally Posted by FinalMaster View Post
Looking back over my various signups, I can actually see a tactile improvement in every single one of them when compared to their predecessors. I certainly don't think I'd have much fun playing as say, Ness, when compared to my new character now.

EDIT: And the IC thread is live!
YES! I'm… so… happy!

And yeah, I didn't really base my character on anyone in particular, but I've seen enough stereotypical anime old people, so it shouldn't be a problem playing him…

By the way, my character will most likely not go out of his way to go "hang out with y'all", but he might ask someone for a hand with his luggage…

@ Swift: Umm… you put the wrong sprite for Hasha in my Pokémon team (he's a Tauros, not a Ninetales), it's no biggie, but I suppose you might want to change that…
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