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Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
The old Plasma seems to have learned from their mistakes, while the new is still out for domination and striking fear into the hearts of everyone.
I don't even think it's much of that re: Old Plasma.

The old Plasma thought they were saving Pokémon from trainers because of N, they were following N, their king. When you're following someone so fully, and then someone seemingly below them comes up and admits that they've been manipulating the leader, and that it was simply a ruse to gain control of all the Pokémon, like Ghetsis did at the end of Black and White, that doesn't change anything for why they did it. The grunts were doing it because they thought it was best for the Pokémon. Sure, they didn't do it in the most friendly way and resorted to stealing in most cases, they weren't out for domination and striking fear while the new Plasma is just after controlling the Unova region by controlling the Pokémon within it.

Though, I'm going to assume that some of Team Plasma from Black and White went on to new Plasma through agreeing with wanting to control the region, being persuaded and recruited, or out of fear while some of them stayed with N for agreeing with the pure ideals.
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