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Entry 03
I've done a lot since I updated. Toad the Paras was caught at Lv8 in Mt.Moon, and I trained him up for a while. After getting rid of the Team Rocket infection, we left Mt.Moon to go to Cerulean City. Before challenging the Gym Leader, we went north to go and see Bill. We found a Lv14 Bellsprout named Vickee on the way to Bill's House, and Bill gave us the S.S Anne Ticket after we helped him. Back in Cerulean, we fought through the gym, and Vickee evolved into a Weepinbell. Oh, how time flys. We then headed south towards Viridian, and in the Diglett Cave, Toad evolved into a Parasect! We went to the Pokemon Fan Club to get a Bike Voucher, and now we're on the S.S Anne.

Fleur - Ivysaur - Female - Lv27
Toad - Parasect - Male - Lv24
Vickee - Weepinbell - Female - Lv22
[Kanto] - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova
Current Team
Fleur the Venusaur, Lv34
Toad the Parasect, Lv30
Vickee the Victreebel, Lv 30