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    Hello there humanoids and welcome to Dark Zoroark's Deckbuilding Competition! No other deckbuilding challenge can match our contest's pure craziness and creativity. Think you've got the guts to take on this challenge? Then so be it. You've been warned challengers...

    Rules of the Competition
    -NO CHEATING, this should be common sense
    -challengers are not allowed to back out of the contest
    - don't ask help from other people, you are on your own
    -Decks should have 60 cards
    -Decklists will be graded on:
    Creativity: Is it creative or different from the usually seen decks in the format we gave you? 10/10
    Neatness: Is it written in a standard decklist format and is it easy to read? 5/5
    Does it follow the Rules: Obviously 5/5
    Does it follow the theme: Did you use cards from the format we gave you? 10/10
    Playability (largest factor): Is the deck missing any vital cards? Does the deck have synergy? 30/30

    Total is out of 60.

    1. Romeo010
    2. AquaticWartortle
    3. FurretFTW!!1!
    4. Rocket_Executive

    Post any questions you might have on here. And obviously, post here if you wish to sign up.

    Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. :)
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