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    To start off, this topic of discussion is for MW 2 or MW 3 players. No CoD WaW or CoD BO.

    Name at least one thing in the game that someone or something does that makes you want to bash your television. For me, it's hypocrites and hackers. I cannot stand people yelling over the microphone how they hate the xX:G-DOG9762:Xx just killed you using the "n00b tube" and then they try and kill back using it. For Pete's sake, really? Oh, and hackers... auto-aim, rapid-fire controllers put together with a FAMAS (I can do very well with a FAMAS without hacks), teleporting, instant-kill, 1 killstreak=Tactical Nuke or AC130, etc.

    I have encountered all of the above in Xbox Live game matches. What about you? Share your most hated annoyances.

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