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Awesome, the thread is up now!!

I didn't know if it would be appropriate to give some info about the main characters but it would you guys a better understand of who they are. So here we go

Main Character Info

Terence is slightly hyperactive and can be quite dense despite being fairly smart. Terence exhibits traits of arrogance, often boasting that his skills are 2nd to none. Terence admires his father Marshall and often tries to impress him. Terence shows a great level of determination and confidence when it comes to battling making him a worthy oppenent.
Terence aspires to be Z-ranked X-fficial like his dad, but that aspiration is second to his lifelong dream of defeating all the Pokemon Leagues in the world.
Despite all of this Terence has one flaw. A deep, dark, shameful secret; which is having a petrifying fear of SKITTY. (Due to a bad experience with one at an amusement park as a child)

Naomi is a 14 girl who lives in Minora City with her family. Naomi is the only girl out of seven siblings and because of that acts very tomboy-ish. Naomi dreams of being a Pokemon Researcher being in the fields studying Pokemon. Naomi loves the thrill of seeing Pokemon she never encountered before.

Davis is a 14 year old boy who also lives in Minora City. Davis is an only child and only has a mother. He is very calm not showing distress in troubling situations. Davis is considered to be unnaturally lucky due to his uncanny ability of coming out ontop in the worst of situations. After his mother sent him his old camera to him and positive comments on photo from his friends, Davis took back up his old hobby photography. Davis' dream is to photograph place where all walks of Pokemon gather.
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