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    (Lincoln Skye is headed toward Nika. Hope you don't mind.)


    Skye had apologized to Bri earlier but had gone to get his Pokemon healed for the moment. With any luck he would encounter something fun to do before bed. Pala was still happily asleep in the bag. Rama trotted along after him, looking rather amused by something. Then again, he was a Zorua, he was always amused by something, the little nut. He let out a calm bark as he sniffed the air. "Soh-Something good?" he asked his demonic partner. The Zorua let out a chuckle and shrugged, trotting on the Academy ground pathway.

    He didn't look back, which meant Skye had to follow. Oh dear Reshiram. His friend just wouldn't stop. Sighing he walked onward, mentally apologizing to Bri for leaving him where he was and not being able to help him enjoy his birthday more. However, leaving Rama to his own devices was like letting a bullet fly without aiming. Now, if Skye was more aware of the wounds on his body, he would be limping, his leg still injured. However, he wasn't, so the slight wetness of a wound by his ankle completely passed him by.

    Eventually the two saw a girl on the same path. She held an egg case, causing Skye to frown curiously but say nothing. He noted the seriousness on her face, the impassiveness. He smiled to himself, instantly understanding. "A-hare yuh-you loo-hooking for a f-fight?"

    Simple, sweet. It was the best way to challenge someone.


    Momo was sitting next to him, purring as he sipped his smoothie. The crowd had cleared out a little, and still no sign of Mister N. He sighed inwardly. Maybe he should go back for the day, get some rest, let Brie see his room, all of that. He wanted to finish his drink first though. Knowing him, he would end up spilling it over himself in his nervousness while he was walking.

    That was when Momo's ears shot up and she began to growl. The sound was cute but unusual. Without warning his cat-like Pokemon leaped on a rapidly appearing brown blur. Ciel blinked. Why was she attacking a Swinub?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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