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Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
With regards to Brave, I was initially really excited to see it - as well as to see how Pixar would deal with a female protagonist and a female director. But then I heard the news a year or so ago that Brenda Chapman had been fired from the film, and that set alarm bells ringing in my head; then I saw the trailer and really wasn't impressed with it at all; then the reviews came out to a general 'it's OK but not great' consensus. The good thing about the reviews is that at least they stressed that the film is very little like its trailer, which really put me off. I imagine I will end up seeing it eventually - considering it hasn't come out in the UK as of yet, I've got plenty of time to make up my mind.
Chapman was still very much involved through the entire project, even after bowing out of her directorial duties. A director change around after 18 months of production is not uncommon at Pixar. It was done more to meet a deadline than anything else.

Anyway, on Spider-Man... I'll probably see it this week. Haven't really be looking forward to it. I did enjoy the Raimi films (well, the first two anyway. Especially the second one. The third one uh... doesn't exist XD). And even with an entire cast and crew, even with a reboot, I don't know why you need to tell the origin story again. Its a 10 year old franchise and the last movie was five years ago. Reinvent the character, but taking it somewhere new. From what I've seen and read, it is too similar to the original movie - with some "realistic"ness that doesn't seem to fit the franchise.

On the positive side, if I go in with low expectations then I'll probably love it lol