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I don't know about this contest at all so here are my god-honest opinions. If I'm wrong about how something worked in the past just tell me :)

Past winners n stuff

I wouldn't mind if I we had past winners participate, but there should be a limit on how often. If someone was taking the lead every single time, it might be discouraging after a while. People will think "Oh, I won't bother to join, because --- is gonna win anyways, so it's just gonna be a waste of my time to bother." So a limit of 2 or 3 contests between winning won't be that bad, and people will see winners (or at least a couple of them switching around) and be a little less discouraged about it.


Yes, duh. Every contest show has it...why not?

One could be held in PT and the other in OT. The PT contests could be Pokémon-themed according to the season, and the OT could be be anything BinaryPeaches and Netto wills. Just a suggestion.

Time between

A contest a season would be okay. On the solstices and equinoxes would be a great deadline! It would bring out the Midsummer partying mood or something like that.


Yes, if I see how this contest runs <3


Yes, the prizes. An emblem would be nice though it would get boring. A prize for a recurring winner could be something like a blog/supportership. And given that only two people can win twice in a year or two (and more realistically about one or none if we include the "limit to winning" rule) it's not like a flood of blogs/supporterships will result.

And if it's not that, an emblem would be fine, and I would be more than happy to join if I could get something out of it. Just a tiny prize would be a bigger incentive to win than nothing. I know people like me still have only one or none emblems and earning them is kinda rewarding :) lols
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