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    I agree with that! My friend first played Pokemon about a year ago and he trained so hard that everything was simple. If you were to make a stronger and balanced type advantage to certain trainers it would be much better. Look at the Elite Four, this is honestly the only area in the game where I have to load a save more than once to win a battle. It is tough not only from the Pokemon themselves, but the variety of Pokemon and in a row too. So if you added some extra caves with many different types of trainers it would be like a "mini elite four". As the caves are now, they are much too simple and bring in one water Pokemon and you kick butt 85% of the time single-handedly. Add some grass, poison, even ghost into those caves and boom! Way more fun and challenging.

    Edit: Just remembered, dragon earlier in the game would make things very hard! They are a great type and are extremely powerful even young. Add a new type of trainer "Dragon Trainer" and you've got much more potential to crank up the difficulty
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