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Victoria “Alys” Taimor – Dalenham

During her several years of wandering looking for hired work, never had Victoria been anywhere near Dalenham. A rogue attempt to destroy a man’s business in Curilan was the only time Victoria had been in Eveamoor and after that she was glad to be out of the country. However Dalenham was an exception. Market street caught Victoria’s attention; it was enormous and had hundreds of vendors selling everything from flaming arrows to cow dung. Above the stall roofs she could see houses bordering the square-like street; a blend of high society and low society mixing into one. Dalenham seemed like one big business city where merchants flocked day by day to sell their wares.

“Hey girl!” came a sharp, raspy tone from a nearby stall. Looking around, Victoria came across the old man; skin like parchment and deep set eyes. She pointed to herself, making sure he was talking to her, “yes I’m talking to you, silly girl.”

Victoria’s blood began to boil, oh how she disliked to be called girl, but regardless she stopped following the others to approach the man. “Yes?”

In his frail hands lay a small bottle with green liquid resting carefully in the bottom. The bottle was triangular in shape, the liquid barely reaching up to the neck. “This, is ‘Dragon Fire’, a mystical substance that will burn through wood, stone, even steel. Yours for only fifty silver.”

Victoria looked at the man like he was insane, “One, I don’t have fifty silver on me, and two, I don’t believe in liquefied pig sh*t.” She turned on her heels, leaving the man stunned and quickly made her way back to the rapidly disappearing Cassandra and Ava.

Victoria followed Cassandra to a small, dingy tavern called the “Broken Keg”, wandering inside after the other two and waiting patiently as Cassandra bullied their way to a table, almost severing a person’s hand in the process. She felt a pang resonate inside her as Cassandra ordered Golden Brew, specifically from Rowanion; almost as if she knew that behind the façade of “Alys”, the real Victoria hid. Eying her carefully, Victoria took a seat opposite her, but to the left slightly.

"I'd like... hmm, grilled sliced potatoes and skins and a little mead, pleases and thank-yous," Ava followed by smiling innocently at the waiter. The way she carried herself, gave Victoria the impression that she was of somewhat high birth, but she knew nothing of Ava except her fluid movements and perfect execution of attacks that made it seem as if she was floating on air.

“Raelus Fire Ale for me.” Coming from a largely shipping city like Rowanion, Alys had often drunk some of the imported beverages with the locals; even the alcoholic ones. Brewed in the Hills of Fire of Raelus, the brew consisted of mostly pyro-weed; a potent plant. The Ale itself was tasty and somewhat spicy, however the pyro-weed gave it a ‘kick’, that unless you continued to drink the ale, would produce a slight burning feeling in the back of the throat. The paradox of the situation was that the more Ale you drank, the hotter the burning feeling in the back of the throat became. Despite this, Victoria had taken quite a liking to the ale.