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Well I guess if Wario is really that popular then they won't remove him. He's certainly a pain for me to have to play through with though (and any Smash Bros fan knows the game isn't finished til you have played it with every character there is).

At any rate though, this

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus
Also, Wario is actually one of the best characters in the game lol. He's THAT good.
is a bit of a stretch . Though at the same time, the characters I find awkward or boring to play, to the point where I'm like "oh god this is such a crap character why is it even in this game" are always the ones that people end up saying are the best in the game. King Dedede is a great example of this. As are a few of the characters on Tekken lol.

Please tell me Daisy isn't a real consideration. I like Peach as a player, but Daisy would just be a carbon copy of her. I'd must rather they just keep the recolour where they can make Peach look like Daisy if you really have a Daisy fetish and want to play her.

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