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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Ragnaros did not feel like sleeping. As the members of the Gold Tribe departed, he flapped his wings, climbing on top of a tree house nearby. Its wooden structure was on the verge of collapsing under his massive weight, but he did not show he noticed. He laid down on the roof, careful not to touch any branches with his wings. Now looking at the stars on the night sky, he got lost in his thoughts as it usually happened when he got a moment to himself.

What if they decide to get rid of us, when all this is done? What if Roswell won't be a man of his word?

Roswell is a good King and certainly not stupid - if we were to fight for our lives in this forest, we would take thousands with us. The worst that can happen is him letting us go.

With these thoughts, Ragnaros finally shut his eyes and slept.


The morning aura sneaked in his nostrils, cleaning his lungs - not that he needed that. Ragnaros opened his eyes and looked at the sky. It was very early morning. Then he looked down, realizing he was on the roof of that treehouse and that today was the day of the trap. Ragnaros flapped his wings and leaped to the ground, landing heavily. He slammed his feet on the grass, readying himself for the impending action. He was sure that he would be needed.

Ragnaros looked around, wondering if he was up too early. He sat down, waiting for his allies to wake up.