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Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

As the Gold Tribe expressed their understanding of the plan, TrueStriker put out a question. "Is there anything else we can put in the holes that would help?"

"Good point." Vigil replied. "Maybe we can fill some of the holes with sharp rocks as well. Could be useful too. We might consider filling some with poison too, but I would avoid it. After all, Ancients are usually quite resistant against it. I think for the most part, we go with Defender's idea and fill them with water." Something seemed to catch is eye and Daricka followed his gaze as he said, "Speaking of Defender's plan..."

Coming through the trees was Roswell, an assortment of Pokemon following behind him. Roswell spoke, extending his arms as he did so, "Well, what did I say? I told you I'd get what you needed. They'll get working on that plan of yours right away. Now, if there's something else you need, say so now. Otherwise, I'd say you better finish up whatever else you need to do here and teleport back to the Village. You've got a tough day ahead of you tomorrow, and you won't get a second chance."

"Yes... they will do." Defender said, pointing at the area, "We'll need to space out the holes, no set patterns. Just random places will do. Also, my brother TrueStriker brought up the idea of having some alternatives to water. We could place sharp rocks at the bottom, but no poison. The ancients are resistant to it. We could possibly also place sleeping powder at the bottom so that those that fall in will be knocked out for some time and we won't have to worry about them." The Golduck then turned to look at the volunteers, "Right, you all are just going to do your jobs. For those of you that don't want to fight, fine. For those that do want to stay, you will only stay until the brother is safely transported away, once he's gone you're gone as well. We are trained fighters and unless you've been through several years of training with instructors, you won't last one second against a Sentinel. You will die. Don't be a hero and get out of there. You could be used as shields against us and knowing my brothers and sisters they will be too soft to attack you. Now, for the teleports, hide in the forest and first chance you get teleport in and get the prisoners out." He turned to Roswell, "First priority is your brother. Can you live with the fact that the other prisoners could be slaughtered in the confusion that will happen?"

Daricka's fist subconsciously clenched as he said the last part. It irked her that Defender thought that just because Roswell was a criminal, he didn't care about his followers. Maybe it was because she herself had once been a thief, but there were certain things she wouldn't stand for. Sure, thieves didn't tend have the greatest sense of honor, but that didn't mean they didn't have any at all. However, before she could share this opinion with Defender, Roswell spoke.

"Listen here, golden one. I care for all of my men, and all of those prisoners, not just my brother. Of course my brother is a priority, but I want them all safe, if possible." The Lucario took a look at the thieves who were busy working on the traps, and then back at Defender before continuing, "But if getting the others out isn't possible, then make sure to get my brother. If he dies, then the deals off, and...well, we'll get there when we get there."

The Gold Tribe didn't seem to like the sound of that, and Daricka was with her brothers and sisters there. The part Roswell had failed to say was probably the part where he would attempt to kill them.

"Right. So they'll be working on this here. I'll oversee for a while before heading back to the village later tonight. You best be going back now yourselves," Roswell said, loud enough for everyone to hear. He leaned toward the Cacturne, Noctus, and said something that was to quiet for Daricka to hear from where she was.

"I guess we'd better get going then?" Vigil said, turning to TrueStriker.

When he had finished speaking with the King of Thieves, Noctus moved to stand next to the Bisharp. "Now, I'm not a professional at battle plans. I suppose I'll just go with the flow? Unless you have something else for me," the Cacturne said, fidgeting with the spikes on his arms. Daricka took that to mean that he was either bored, nervous, or both.

"Alright. Tomorrow we can rouse the birds and get everyone ready." Defender said, seeming to speak more to himself than those around him. "Alright, yeah, we can head out," he added to Vigil. "We all need a good night's sleep to make sure we're at top condition." He paused for a moment and turned to the Bisharp. "We need to have another talk Vigil. This one is very important. You all go ahead. We won't be long."

Daricka glanced at the two, faintly curious as to what was so important that he couldn't discuss it around his brothers and sisters... But if that's what he wanted, than she could understand. There were parts of her past she'd rather not let anyone in on.

"Alright, but hurry it up! I'm getting hungry again," Guardia complained. TrueStriker's eyes glowed before all of the Gold Tribe, besides Vigil and Defender, were teleported to the village.

Daricka left the others behind, remembering what Roswell had said before about just sleeping wherever. Now that she thought of it, these thieves were almost like a street gang... Just much larger and without the streets. As most of the inhabitants of the village were up and about in the evening light, it wasn't hard for her find an empty house. She took off her pack and set it down in a corner. The Infernape layed down on the hard floor, using the pack as a pillow so that if anyone tried to steal from it they would wake her. Shutting out the sounds coming from outside, she shut her eyes and drifted off into the realm sleep...