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Defeated Burgh but lost Fist (Cubchoo) and Scizor (forgot to nickname it) in the process

Just defeated May (Bianca) in the gate to route 104


Blaze (Combusken) Lv27
Rain (Lombre) Lv24
Grunt (Palpitoad) Lv25
Boss (Honchkrow) Lv27


LeafMonkey Lv10
Solosis Lv13
Ekans Lv17
Scizor Lv24
Fist (Cubchoo) Lv24
11th Doctor: He's the one that broke the promise, he's my secret

John Hurt:What I did, I did without choice

11th Doctor: I know

John Hurt: in the name of peace and sanity

11th Doctor: But not in the name of the Doctor

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