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Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, but I've had family over! Anyway, I'm back to FINALLY finish my Black Fighting challenge!

So far:
Last time, I had went to Castelia City to fight Morimoto. I succeeded, but then ran out of time to fight Cynthia. So, that's where I'll start off today!

OK, first thing, I went straight to Undella Town for a showdown with Cynthia (After getting Gale to Lv. 70). Here's a play-by-play. (I realize the play-by-plays are almost a direct copy of jdthebud's, but that's why I do these. I was inspired by jdthebud to make all these add-ons to my updates. Ur the best! )

........... I lost. Well, let's try that again.
........... You know, I am just failing over and over again. Sigh. I think the whole play-by-play thing is ruining my concentration. No more play-by-plays!
Okay, my plans are foiled yet again! I am going into town for the 4th of July. But I will be back. I swear it!