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    Really love the idea of having a pool of pokemon to pick, so it's not the usual xxx always has the same team. Makes things more dynamic.

    Originally Posted by AquaticWartortle View Post
    I think the World Tourney is a great idea, not only is it competitive battling but it returns previous champions, even though some pokemon are unsuitable (like Floatzel with Cress) i'm already scared of that Choice banded Azumarill!
    I notice his pokemon consists of lake/freshwater pokemon, in contrast to Shizui/Marlon's ocean-based team. (except Samurott, but he's just goign with the starters to those gym leader thing with the rest of his brothers)

    Mostly happy with most teams although I wish there were more of a pool to choose from or have better picks. Some thoughts if there were team changes/more of a pool to choose from (put in spoiler for a bit of random rambling xD):

    -Cilan should have had a Sawsbuck, would really fit him as a classy pokemon that's more for a male Grass type specialist, though his gentle nature does fit with the fairy grass types. (which is why i wish there was more of a pool to choose from). Also randomly interesting is the other half of his team are associated with thorns/spikes- Simisage's tail, Ferrothorn and Maractus.

    -I have a problem with Cress's Seismitoad purely for the fact he seems ugly for someone like Cress. But I get Tympole is a freshwater pokemon and location wise is near enough to Striaton. I'd prefer Politoed, Ludicolo or Quagsire for a half Ground type.

    -Strangely too much fossil repeats, especially that Relicanth. Also no one uses Gigalith :( I feel it would have fit with Roark (drop the Onix, Brock has an excuse because its his signature) or Roxanne (similar body type to Probopass and the gem thing goes well with a female Rock leader). Also it would be a nice nod to the anime if Brock had the Sudowoodo instead of Roark- seems to fit him better. Roark can have Tyranitar again, you can find it an adjacent route post-game in DPPt.

    -Roxie's Koffing/Weezing disappeared! Well mainly because it's more of a Janine pokemon now but if there was more of a selection it would have been feasible.

    -Kangaskhan is perfect for Lenora. Also love her Braviary and Cincinno I could see helping her clean the museum/fossils :P

    -Elesa and her Stunfisk are lolworthy- maybe it shows she also believes in inner beauty to contrast her job? XD

    I love it introduces diversity type-wise but I think Wattson/Surge's trap enthusiasms would fit Stunfisk better if any :P Pachirisu would fit better if the whole type diversity thing didn't have to come to effect.

    -Wish Skyla kept her Skarmory on at least one team, fits with the Jet theme although maybe it's to set her apart from Winona. Flavour-wise Pelipper would be nice for the delivery theme with her job, although with Swanna would be even more crippling to Electrics.

    -Wish Abomasnow would be added as another option for Brycen, just to add team strength and maybe have a Stallrein combo. Also I feel Glalie would fit him better than Dewgong.

    -Even if Swampert isn't really ocean/sea themed, I think he would go well with Shizui's swimmer design.

    -Good to see Brock finally having stronger pokemon like Tyranitar and Rhyperior.

    -Milotic was a nice addition to Misty in HGSS, although I guess with Wallace, he takes priority. Flavour-wise Lumineon would work with her, Juan or Wallace (seems like an elegant/contest-like pokemon).

    -Erika with an Abomasnow is just strange- it could work if it didn't have Snow Warning, I like the idea of her taking care of a cute Snover. Cradily is even more out of place, I'd put either Ludicolo or Shiftry to go with the Japanese Geisha look.

    -Great to see Arbok and Nidoqueen represented by Janine. Roserade is also a nice and different touch.

    -Finally Flareon gets to be represented by a gym leader- Blaine. I love he has a Rotom haha. If he had a Houndoom it would be nice since his team is mostly flame mammals :)

    -I would like the idea of Falkner having all regional birds, Staraptor works well design wise since they have the saim hair :p. Love he has a Dodrio now and Aerodactyl and Crobat are a bit out of place but at least they bring diversity and power so I can look past that.

    -Although awesome diversity wise, I feel Chandelure doesn't fit with Morty- feels too European/Baroque I guess- would fit more with Fantina (but the will-o-wisp = Japanese = Ecruteak connection is sort of there).

    Drifblim would be a better choice to go with his new look (and scarf) but it makes more sense with Fantina as it's her primary design counterpart.

    -I think Abomasnow fits Pryce more than Jynx although location-wise with the Ice Path makes sense. If Candice had additional members, Jynx and Vanilluxe could work.

    -I think a Ninetales or Rapidash would fit Flannery if she had more members.

    -A Tauros or Ursaring would fit Norman well- I just like the idea of him bringing out a Tauros then Bouffalant XD. Zangoose is awesome though.

    -Honchkrow seems a bit too dark for Winona. Dragonite or Noctowl from her Emerald rematch team would fit better. Togekiss also works.

    -Hitmontop would suit Maylene again if she had additional members, I think of Maylene as acrobatic compared to the other Fighting specialists.

    -Out of all the Electric specialists, Lanturn would be nice for Volkner with the whole coastal city with a lighthouse theme.

    -Flavour-wise, Sharpedo seems a bit...aggressive for Wallace, Gyarados would fit more like Emerald if he needed something intimidating and champion-like- it fits as counterparts to Milotic. Additionally, I would think a Swanna/Jellicent/Empoleon/Mantine would also fit better- even if he had more of pool of pokemon to choose from.

    -Finally give Alder some of his old team back. New additions are welcome but seem strange without them since aside from Volcarona, there's not much of a connection to when he was champion in BW. But could also be the fact Bouffalant is used a lot and Burgh gets the other two bugs.