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    Originally Posted by Billy-- View Post
    Oh, and if I try to buy some of the tools from the tool shop, I'll get an error there, too.
    Not surprising. I haven't touched the Tool Shop map in months. The events call old methods I was using to add tools (which have been removed), so it throws an error. It isn't needed though, as the toolbox by the player's house gives you a bunch of tools to mess with (including the brush, milker, and shears, which can also be bought in the animal shop and do work correctly).

    I'm planning to get things really tightened up in the next release (tools, animals, the tool switching menu from HM:MM [already done], shops, villagers [affection, marriage, more villagers added, etc], and mining). As it is though, most of what everyone needs to make games with it is already there. Fixing a few missing pieces will more or less take care of the important stuff. I will probably start a tutorial and take some screenshots (and maybe even a video demo if I feel like it) to go more in-depth on the features and explain how to use the tool kit.
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