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Originally Posted by KyokuseiXRyusei View Post
UserName- KyokuseiXRyusei
Pokemon Partner- StunFisk

I agree. Electric-Types look better in the sky. For example, Zapdos will always be a favorite of mine. The way streaks of Lightning are slashed across the sky is such a vivid flavor!
Hi there, welcome to the club! Great to see more Electric type fans out there :D So what made you choose Stunfisk as your partner? It's a personal favourite of mine too so I can completely understand why, but I'm curious what you like about it? :D Also wow, you sound just like Cilan at the end there. xD

Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
I do, however, think if they come up with more electric types at any point in time they should probably branch out a little.
I certainly agree. What I'd love to see is a Grass & Electric type, a Poison & Electric type and an Ice & Electric type. Possible also Fire & Electric. The reason I choose these type combinations is due to the way Electric types generally have a huge Special Attack stat and immense speed, the latter of which is an area that most other 'special types' miss out on. I think most deserving of an Electric-type partnership would be Ice since if Ice types gained a bit more agility, they'd be a thousand times more deadly. Plus unleashing a barrage of Electric & Ice type moves will be enough to render any opponent useless; especially helpful in defeating Ground types where the Electric Pokémon normally fall down.