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    Planned team and thought process
    To be perfectly honest, I do not know if I'm getting Black 2 or White 2, though, thankfully, this doesn't change which Pokemon are in my team. I'll order the Pokemon on when I'm getting them.

    So, going along, I needed to decide whether or not I wanted to keep my Unova starter and if so, which would I pick. In the long run, I've decided to pick Snivy, as this is a sequel to the game, so why not pick the first Unova Pokemon I've ever used? Besides, I am also going to do a sort of challenge with this, basically, I'm going to go through the game as normal, but without healing in battle and using Set Mode VS Bosses. So basically, a parody of a Wifi battle in harder matches. Serperior fits the bill, as he is extremely bulky and can provide recovery in matches with Leech Seed, Synthesis and Rest (not all at the same time though :Y)

    Name: Male: Exterio (YGO Reference) - Female: Hayley (Paramore <3)

    Potential Moves: Leaf Blade, Coil, Leech Seed, Aqua Tail, Return, Rest, Synethsis, Dragon Tail, Growth, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse.

    I never used a Stoutland, to be perfectly honest. I've always used Herdier, then I would box it around the mid-twenties. So I hope I can use bring myself to use one fully in the new game. I'm hoping to get an Intimidater, as those will help greatly in matches.

    Name: Male/Female: The Goons (shofu Reference)

    Potential Moves: Return, Crunch, Superpower, Dig, Work Up, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Rest, Heal Bell (does this thing even learn it from tutor?)

    I was originally going to use Electivire, as everyone I've seen so far has been using Ampharos, but I decided that I love this line so much that, when I get the game, I'll probably get my doubts and use it anyways, haha.

    Name:Male: (lol @ getting a Male) - Female: Dodger (PressHeartToContinue)

    Potential Moves: Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Rest, Heal Bell (Does it learn it?)

    I haven't used Azumarill since Emerald, so I'd love to use one again. It's just one of my favorite Johto Pokemon and I literally screamed in exitement when I heard it would be in B2W2.

    Name:Male/Female: Cpt. Azure (one of my drawing OCs)

    Potential Moves: Aqua Tail, Surf, Superpower, Return, Ice Punch, Work Up, Dig, Rest, Ice Beam

    It's been a tradition ever since I got Platinum that, when ever I play Pokemon game (and if the challenge allows me to do so), I will trade over a foreign Pokemon to add to my party. Torchic has to be my favorite Fire-typed Pokemon and one of my favorite Hoenn Pokemon in general.

    Name:Male: KFC (Food Location/Jimmy31428) - Female: Tesa (Suburgatory)

    Potential Moves: Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Brave Bird, Bulk Up, Work Up, Dig, Return, Superpower

    Just used this Pokemon recently in-game, then I used it in RU. I love it to death now and is probably one of my favorite Pokemon in the world.

    Name:Male: PMP (PokeMoshPit) or Nbz (emperorznb) - Female: Homika (JP Name for Roxie)

    Potential Moves: Megahorn, Dig, Return, Poison Jab (Can I get the TM?), Aqua Tail, Superpower, Toxic