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    Originally Posted by Billy-- View Post
    That'd be awesome (for me anyways). I'm not the most game smart person, I'm more of an artistic guy :P

    EdiT: I don't know if the snow is working properly, I sped in to Winter, and I kept getting rain. Haha
    Thanks for finding that one. Seasons used to be 1-4, but I made it 0-based recently for simplicity and forgot to change the numbers where weathers are generated. Fixed now. Also, just so everyone knows, if you dig around a bit there are some debug methods here and there to make testing things easier. I really need to go add a debug tag to them (some have it, some don't), but they are there. In your case, instead of speeding to winter you could have actually interacted with the four signs by your house (or in the mountain). They each correspond to a season, and immediately change the season so you can test things things out easier (which is exactly why they were added). They don't adjust the weather properly yet though (if you select the winter sign while it's raining, it will still be raining). Hopefully I can get that tutorial ready soon to address things like that.
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