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    Jimmy Vincent
    Academy Grounds

    Jimmy walked outside with Rosalyn, now sporting his aviator sunglasses. But he could see that Rosalyn still seemed uneasy about something. What was it? He didn't know. All he knew is that her cheeks were reddish and that she was avoiding eye contact with him. Suddenly, she sent out her Togekiss, who started to fly around Jimmy while letting out a sad cry. Rosalyn told her Pokémon that it was okay, that it wasn't her fault, and then turned to Jimmy.

    "Yeah, sure, it's cool." he said, " problem..."

    Well, it was certainly getting awkward. The rebellious-looking boy looked at Rosalyn and raised his eyebrow. And, for some reason, he felt a need, one that grew with every passing second. He had to ask his friend what was going on with her. He glanced at Kaida, and pulled out her Pokéball. Kaida looked at him with sad eyes before being turned into a red light and went inside of her Pokéball. Jimmy placed the ball back on his belt and looked at Rosalyn again.

    "Hey, Rosalyn...can I talk to ya in private?" he asked.

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