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    (based of the idea of Pokemon Conquest the video game)
    The hidden region of Wydra in the ancient times was a time of peace, joy, prosperity, and opportunity. Pokémon and humans were in true harmony. But then, people became greedy. They wanted land, riches, and power. This was around the same time where the people of Wydra realized they could use the Pokémon to fight. All this eventually lead up to mass chaos. Empires were formed. Alliances made. People and Pokémon alike were slaughtered. The people of Wydra called this starting time the Greed Period. And these wars were called the Evil Wydra Wars.
    Years later, only a few of the empires remain. However, only seven of these empires are strong enough to withstand and fight the other empires. Even so, these are desperate times, and all the empires need more men to join their army.

    You are a teenager seeking to find a name for yourself by joining one of the seven most powerful empires. You believe, as you should, that you can change the tide of the war. You also wish to get your first Pokémon, as the empires provide you one to fight with.
    But there is something special about you. Something that puts you apart from other soldiers. This is a mysterious power. Whether gotten from an experiment gone wrong (or right) or passed down from family generations. This power can be talking to Pokémon, being able to use Pokémon moves or abilities, or even a power with nothing to do with Pokémon.

    The Wydra Empire
    The Wydra Empire is the first, and arguably most powerful empire. As being the first, it wishes to control the whole region, at any means necessary. They believe that the region has grown fat and lazy, and they must be controlled to prevent uprisings or theft. They resolve to normal type Pokémon to prove that, in a twisted way that the people of Wydra can be controlled to do their bidding.

    The Omega Empire
    The Omega Empire is strong, stubborn, and intelligent folk. They wish to control Wydra to kill all the Pokémon and people that believe in anything different then they do. They believe that they are the only strong ones, and everyone else must be killed to prevent weak minded people and Pokémon. They do not believe in friendship, or anything else of the sort. Because of this, they have decided to use dark type Pokémon to represent power, justice, and peace.

    The Peace Empire
    The Peace Empire, as they believe, are the only ones trying to bring peace to the land. This in their way means going back to the old days, where no one fought for control. And people trusted one another. It was their goal. This is one of the reasons they have many followers. They do not wish to fight, but when they do, they use flying type Pokémon, as they believe they are the calmest and gentle Pokémon.

    The Psychic Empire
    The Psychic Empire is actually more of a clan, since most of their members are psychics and few themselves. This people are very similar to the Wydra Empire, but less powerful. And more wise. These people strike at the perfect time, and without hesitation. Though there numbers are few, they are very strong. They use Psychic Pokémon as the name suggests because they are, well, psychics.

    The War Empire
    The War Empire is all about war. The only reason they want war is for their people's twisted enjoyment. To them, another man's misery is ones fame. They use fighting type Pokémon since they are, to them, the strongest.

    The Future Empire
    Like the Peace Empire, the only thing they want is to go back to the old times. The only difference is they'll do anything to get there. They strike without warning, and have a special hatred for those who believe otherwise. In ways, it is like the Peace, Wydra, and Omega Empires combined. They use ground type Pokémon because they are willing to destroy everything from the ground up if people don't go their way.

    The Rogue Empire
    This Empire is for all who were banished, thrown in jail, or any other reason for becoming an outcast from the Wydra Region. They sought this war as a chance to become people of the region again. They wish for the riches underneath the ground, and they will kill others for betraying them from the region. There specialty is in water type Pokémon because like the tide, they will strike anyone who opposes them, no matter the cost

    Pokemon choices (include which Pokemon you want in your sign up; if you don't like the options, talk to me about something different):
    The Wydra Empire:

    • Jigglypuff
    • Munchlax
    • Eevee
    The Omega Empire:

    • Sneasel
    • Dieno
    • Zorua
    The Peace Empire:

    • Pidgey
    • Zubat
    • Starly
    The Psychic Empire:

    • Abra
    • Ralts
    • Solosis
    The War Empire:

    • Machop
    • Timburr
    • Tyrogue
    The Future Empire:

    • Geodude
    • Sandile
    • Ryhorn
    The Rogue Empire:

    • Piplup
    • Squirtle
    • Oshawott


    • All PC rules apply
    • No godmodding or bunnying without permission from the player
    • No capturing Pokemon or battling yet or until I say so
    • You are allowed to cuss, but only minor cussing. Like damn and crap, and that’s it
    • Violence is acceptable, but keep it to a minimum since its only T rating
    • Only one character since minimum of players
    • For now keep romance at a minimum as well

    Gender (male or female only):
    Age (13-19 unless you have a reason to be younger or higher):
    Special Power:
    Appearance (you may post picture, but if not at least 3-4 lines):
    Personality (a good 1-2 paragraph minimum):
    Background (2 paragraph minimum and must include how you got your power and reason to join empire):
    Pokemon and move set (4 move max and make them seem legit for just starting out pokemon):

    Other (anything else you might want to include; optional):

    Ok, that was my first RP tell me anything I can fix on it and feel free to pm me about any questions
    Truly Yours- FailAvenger

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