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    #001 Shadox - Shadow + Fox
    Type: Dark
    Info: Shadox are very rare to find, just to see one is a privilege. The blue marks on it's back glow when it doesn't like someone or something it sees, many ancient tribes believe it contains pure power.

    #002 Shadolf - Shadow + Wolf
    Type: Dark
    Info: Shadolf's normally travel in packs, like any other wolf tribe. When one Shadolf is attacked the other pack members vow to avenge the attacked member by seeking out the attacker.

    #003 Shadeast - Shadow + Beast
    Type: Dark/Fighting
    Info: Upon changing to a more Beast like figure, Shadeast's can walk on two feet and use the other two more offensively, if need be. The three tales on it's back provide sensory for sight since it loses sight after evolving.

    The starter pokemon.
    There is only one.
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