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Originally Posted by ANinyMouse View Post
Haha, oh come on. Neither is Green/Blue still a champion, nor is Giovanni still a Gym Leader, nor is Steven still a champion, etc. Obviously that has nothing to do with the discussion at all.

My only disappointments are few with PWT, thankfully.
* One: I wish Iris was in it. Almost doesn't make sense for her not to be, but...
* Two: Very few Dark-types. While there is no Dark-type gym or champion, there are many dual-typed Dark-type Pokemon that didn't get used.
* Three: Even though they programmed in teams for the Elites of other regions, we aren't likely to ever battle them since there are no sprites for them... ALTHOUGH perhaps GameFreak purposely left out the sprites in order to surprise us with their download later! Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. I dunno; seems all bets are off for 5th Gen in general.
I don't think the E4 will be showing at all. When the PWT was first revealed, they said it was to battle past Champions and Gym Leaders specifically, so I don't believe E4 will ever show up in it.

As for sprites, if the sprites weren't added I do not believe we will get them. From what I know about the games, all sprites are pre-programmed so any ripper can pull it out. Since none exist for them I don't think they'll be showing.