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AVA - The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Avangeline accepted her own bag with a grateful smile, almost immediately checking the bag to see if her payment was correct. 7... 8... 9... 10 silver pieces. This would keep her well fed for the next few weeks. Of course, Avangeline like the splurge, so she expected this to last two weeks, three max. First stop? Well, the markets did look nice but she really needed a new shoulder plate. And gloves. And boots. Dammit, she'd have to get her swords sharpened too. And there was this really nice bow and arrow set at the blacksmith, made from Miracyian oaks trees. The shop tender told her it was hand-made from the elves as well. All the more tempting.

Dammit, she needed more money now! How long could that blacksmith hold the bow and arrow, she wondered.

"Thank-you," she said to Varian and his compliments. She didn't really need them though, it was only polite to accept them; She knew she was good. She would have asked for more but by the light '*****' of Cass' bag as it was handed to her, she knew that they had all received an equal amount. The waitress returned with the requested food and beverages. Avangeline dug deep into her other coin purse, counting up six or seven copper pieces and handed it to the waitress, with two extra pieces as a polite tip. The waitress smiled, tucked them into the pocket on her apron, thanked Avangeline and walked away. It was only kindness on Avangeline's part; by the looks of the bar, the girl must receive terrible pay.

She chewed politely on her potatos, dipping the pieces into the sweet but spicy dip the waitress had provided. She left the skins in the middle of the table; as hungry as she was, Avangeline figured sharing would be a thank-you for not being the worst companions in the world.

"So what now? Do we part ways?" Avangeline said as she took a sip of her mead. Mm, it was sweet. Probably a little sweet, but she gave props to the Broken Keg for actually getting mead with bubbles in it. "I have no plans for any of the months to come, do you?"
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