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    Originally Posted by Billy-- View Post
    Once the day/night system is implemented, it'd be pretty cool to see the lighting of the windows go on :)
    I think that would be pretty cool too. Since someone else already asked me for help with a better day/night system, I've been working some of these things out in my head and will probably end up killing two birds with one stone. It's in the works.

    Also, brief update (but important enough to me that I felt I should announce it): the current system for saving tile data on the farm map (i.e. when you dig with the hoe or plant stuff, the tiles don't change back) works just fine and all, but you've probably noticed that the stuff in your field is actually gone and quickly pops back on screen after a second when entering the map each time. This always annoyed me a little, but I finally discovered how to fix it. I tried a couple months ago, failed, and it turns out I was close. So, I will be fixing the tile data switching in the next release to make loading maps significantly smoother. Also, I will be doing it so that it applies to every map in the game by storing the spritesets in an array. What this means is that making visual changes to any map should be smoother. This mostly applies to the player's house, where they will need to be able to decorate the house with different furniture (something that's already been started). And of course, you developers can make use of it as well for more dynamic mapping. So, look forward to the nominal boost in quality. It's probably a 10x bigger deal to me because of the headaches it gave me before, but it will really make it look more professional.
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