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    Hi there. Sorry if I seem like a latecomer to this discussion, but I'm new to the forum.

    I really like the plot idea of this game. Getting to play as the villains - that's never been done in a Pokémon game. I applaud you for that!

    As a fan of the manga, I also like the manga-inspired elements of the game, such as the addition of Mask of Ice. People neglect the manga so much, it's sad.

    I just do have one question, specifically for anyone actually working on the game: seeing as the game has so many manga elements, is the protagonist Silver intended to be the same as or similar to the character Silver in Pokémon Special? I figured there might be a connection, given the shared Mask of Ice element in their storylines.

    Also, just as a heads up, I am going to be covering this game (as well as many others featured on PC) on my new Pokémon side/spin-off games site (link in my sig). I hope that's ok.

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