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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    A couple things I seen wrong at the moment, don't know if you know:

    When buying something on Map:Tool Shop, the noise for each letter appearing, keeps playing during the yes or no phase.

    The character left to this shop, when walking down changes sprite.

    When picking up items, they become normal in snowey weather when they should'nt, right?

    I like the seasons thing though, especially the tile changes :D
    Useing Pokémon for the chickens and stuff, that's funny, I threw a Torchic around coz he annoys me haha... He still loves me though!

    I just errored out buying a hoe, oops! (geez that sounds naughty)
    I didn't notice that first one, since 90% of the time I have stuff muted. Especially since the message beep was like violent ear rape (the one in the actual games usually has a lower pitch and is more tolerable). I'll get right on that (I think I know the problem already).

    The sprite of that character changes because I only ripped a few frames. I found it's a pain to rip their sprites since they're terribly slow and never take more than one step at a time. Some don't move at all. So yeah, if anyone has some charsets, please share them.

    The items probably should reflect the season when you hold them, but again I need more graphics for that. I've done plenty of sprite modding on the fly and ripping stuff as I go, but it's a bit of a hassle. So once I have some images, I'll get on that (but only for normal outdoor items, like rocks, sticks, and foraging items. others should remain unaffected).

    And the error you got was from the tool shop. I think I mentioned that it uses old method calls that don't work anymore. Ignore it, since all the tools you need are in the toolbox by your house. Oh, and notice that if you want, you can place your chickens outside (I think you can put them on any map) and they'll stay there. Very slick, if I may say so myself.
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