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Thought I'd throw these up so you guys have examples to go off of. Graive's profile has barely been touched, but the only thing missing in Airi's is the appearance. So, if you need an idea as to what profiles should look like...


Graive Celiste :::: Metalhead
eighteen | | courier
Leo -/- Takeover: Armor King Magic

Standing at 5'11", Graive is a relatively tall youth with a thin body type that is toned with muscles, implying that he works out regularly. His medium, sandy blond hair is almost always wrapped behind a black headband that ties at the back, and the length of the band can reach as far as the centre of his back, even when tied. He wears a complex kimono, with a white top and navy blue bottom, with thick rope tied around his neck and waste. A red ribbon fastens his kimono at the front, although the outfit hangs off of his form rather loosely overall. His shoes consist of a pair of navy blue boots as well. His sleeves go well past his wrists, which makes it hard to see his hands every so often.

  • Unnatural fear of water
As eccentric as can be, Graive is the type of individual that likes to live life to the fullest. His motto is "every experience is a valuable one", so there are very few events in his past that he appears to regret. As a courier that delivers mail all over the nation of Fiore, it means enduring all sorts of both weather and human related hardships, which works well with his otherwise optimistic personality. A handy individual, he actually has a knack for the mechanical and technological, able to fix anything from a magic-powered vehicle to magic-powered databases if required. Naturally, this comes in handy when traveling the nation on a personal, magic-powered airplane, and the traveling experience has given him a rather worldly persona, since he seems to know random facts about every location in Fiore. He's a little more bias towards women than men, too, a trait he inherited from his father. "Women should always be treated kindly" or some gibberish like that.

That isn't to say he's perfect. Being an honorable person, Graive is quick to anger when his own reputation, or the reputation of his friends are on the line. He doesn't take insults kindly, though he's quick to do the same to those that insult him first. He also has an irrational fear of water that seems to stem from some sort of trauma in the past. He uses magic to clean himself as opposed to bathing, and he'll have a freak-out if he's even hit by a droplet of rain. As you can imagine, a long-lasting rainstorm will often ground him for days to even weeks, delaying important deliveries. The root of this fear is unknown to everyone but himself, but there must be a deep scar associated with water to create such a loathing.

  • dry things | wet things
  • mechanics | nature
  • girls | guys
  • fruits | vegetables
  • flying | walking
  • fighting | debating

Graive's magic is an odd spin on the Take Over spell variations, allowing him to alter his form into that of a gigantic, mecha-shaped magic weapon. He most frequently uses the magic for transportation, using the thrusters in the case his plane breaks down. As of now, there are only two recorded mages capable of using this magic, and the details behind it's use are kind of scarce.

  1. Take Over: Armor Blade - The user's right arm is replaced by the gigantic, sword wielding arm of the Armor King.
  2. Take Over: Armor Gun - The user's left arm is replaced by the gigantic gun arm of the Armor King - requires a significant amount of magic power to fire.
  3. Take Over: Armor Soul - The user's entire body becomes that of the Armor King - a giant, robot like magic weapon. The design for Armor King is something similar to this.
->to be updated at the end of each arc; leave blank for now


Airi Elinweisse :::: Aphasiac
sixteen | ♀ | member of blue pegasus
Lyra -/- Tendril Summoning Magic

Questing Costume
Casual Attire

Not very tall of a girl, Airi stands at only 5'4" when she stands completely upright, her body thin without the presence of any apparent muscle. Her rather large eyes are a pale-purple in colour, and her aqua hair is shoulder-length and often tied into two tails on the sides since she isn't creative enough to really try anything else. As the tendrils that erupt from Airi's body have a tendency of shredding her clothes, when she knows she'll be making use of her powers, she wears her questing costume. Unfortunately, though, even that gets shredded up sometimes. A good amount of the money she spends on quests usually goes towards tailoring her outfits anew. Her questing costume is fairly barebones as a result, with a pleated, layered skirt that is black on the top and white on the bottom, and grey thigh highs that have thin, black vertical lines running down them. Her shoes, brown and old fashioned, as worn from continuous use, and the heels add less than an inch of height to her tiny body. Her stomach is completely exposed, since that's the area that most often gets destroyed by her magic, and a small, white top wraps around her chest, buttoned on with two black buttons at the front. To make up for this exposure, there's also a small cape that reached the bottom of her back and can wrap around her front if need be, with two red bows near the shoulders. Her ensemble is completed with a dark, witch-like hat with a red band wrapping around the base, and a skull ornament fastened on the right side.

  • writing errors with light pen
Known as Blue Pegasus' "Aphasiac", the girl who never appears to speak, Airi chooses to express herself in other ways due to the complications of her magic type. In order to converse with others, she has taken to the use of a light pen, which allows her to write and draw in the air before her. It's a little tricky since, she has to write everything backwards for others to read, but she can do so with a surprising speed and accuracy. However, on occasion she ends up making a typographical error, or words things a little oddly, or forget she can't express sarcasm properly while written, and becomes a laughing stock as a result.

A gentle girl by nature who's easy to fluster, she has a hard time dealing with rowdy people since she lacks the ability to settle them down normally. As a result, any annoyances she has have a tendency of building up within her until she finally snaps and yells, usually sicking a set of dangerous tendrils on the perpetrators accidentally. Generally, though, she appears to seem fairly content with her lifestyle, and does her best to help others when she has a chance.

For the most part, her happiness is a facade. Due to the unpredictability of her power and the fact that she doesn't speak, other members of her guild have the tendency to avoid her. With no notable friends to speak of, she often completes quests on her own, and has only known the warmth of true kindness on a few occasions. This aside, she holds a darkness within her - memories of events passed that haunt her constantly. The darkness has left her somewhat scarred, and with nobody to share her thoughts with, things don't appear to be improving anytime soon. Trust issues aside, it's obvious she was involved in something awful once upon a time.

  • quiet | rowdy people
  • sweets | bitter food
  • darkness | mornings
  • baths | filth
  • games | fighting

Airi's Tendril Summoning Magic is an extremely powerful technique that allows her to bring into existence and control a number (an upwards of ten) of tendrils made of dark magic that can erupt painlessly from her body with nothing but her voice. Both offensive and defensive, these tendrils can alter their size, length, and shape according to what Airi commands (can extend up to fifty feet, currently), and they can move extremely fast, as well as helping her to become more mobile. It's a mystery as to where these tendrils come from, though it has been proposed that it's actually a Take Over of some sort of undocumented monster (however Airi herself denies this theory).

The magic itself is actually extremely hard for it's user to control, as all it takes is an uttered word to bring forth the tendrils. If the wrong words are spoken by Airi, there is always the possibility that they could attack allies or perform other unwanted tasks. As a result, Airi very rarely talks in order to retain her human form, choosing to write in the air with a light pen to communicate. Since the tendrils are essentially a part of her body, any pain they accumulate is transferred to her directly, making pain endurance essential if she wishes to use them to shield her physical body from attacks.

  1. Tendrils: Impale - The tendrils become extremely sharp, and are launched at the enemy with the intention of stabbing through it.
  2. Tendrils: Shield - The tendrils interlock between Airi and an incoming attack, absorbing any damage (while transferring the pain to their user).
  3. Tendrils: Erupt - The tendrils dig into the ground and shoot up beneath their target, either ensnaring or impaling the unfortunate being.

->to be updated at the end of each arc; leave blank for now

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