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    Private messages man. It's like cutting in front of others. Politely. Er-hem. I mean, I'd never cut in front of someone else rudely~

    Anyways, I'm going to edit this post with all of my delightful character information as soon as I've got it typed down!
    [Edit] Added a few more details to save his history from the scourge of plain-ness. Not that it likely helped very much~


    Name: Salem "Rolly" Walters
    Age: Nineteen
    Date of Birth: July Fourteenth
    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Canalave City of the Sinnoh Region
    Reason for Entering: Personal ambition and the desire for recognition, as well as a test of self. The prize money is pretty cool too.

    Appearance: There is nothing that does not rock the world more than a nice hat. Or so Rolly believes. His taste in fashion seems to be a callback to decades earlier fashions, but also remains too decidedly eclectic for anyone to be certain. There seem to be three personal items that form his 'calling card.' The first is a black gatsby cap that he refuses to take off under almost any occasion, the next is a black long sleeved jacket that he never closes and the sleeves both end with a large purple cufflink, and the last is a lengthy lavender scarf with frilled edges that hangs over his back, rather than his front.

    His hair is perpetually scruffy, and his hat hides a perpetual horizontal cowlick that stands out along the left side of his head and covers his ear when he wears his hat. He's tried taming the beast, and failed over countless valiant battles.
    His eyes are a dull shade of green.
    His facial features seem incredibly plain on their own merits. Average ears, an average nose... But at least his eyebrows seem a bit thick. He's quite happy with that part of his face. His body is lean despite his best efforts to gain weight. His metabolism refuses to let any amount of junk food dare mar his belly.

    Rolly favors a dressy plaid shirt underneath his jacket whenever possible, preferably with nuetral tones. But for this occasion, he's styled himself up with a deep red plaid, laced with lighter shades. Gotta fancy yourself up for special things! He actually plans on wearing a different colour of the rainbow for each day of the week, following in the natural order.

    Then there's the ever necessary dress pants, but at least he keeps them tucked into his boots. Practicality AND style, what more could you ask for?

    History: Salem's history is all about history. From an early age, he became hooked on reading. It started off humorously. He taught himself how to read because he wanted to know what the credits that played after his favorite cartoons were saying.

    And then it became an addiction. His drive was strong enough to propel him towards advanced literature before he was even in elementary school, though his social skills and... Well just about everything else faltered in comparison. Despite this, Salem seemed to be quite charismatic due to his rambunctiousness and sense of humour. But with all of that being said, the outside world was shut out and replaced with a world of fantasies and daydreams. The best books were the ones filled with myths and legends.

    One addiction lead into another, and Salem became obsessed with legendary Pokémon. Especially those of his native region, Sinnoh. And his first adventure began when he had just turned ten. It wasn't coincidence that led Salem to take a nap in the decimated and lonely inn of Canalave city. He knew all the rumors and legends by heart. But it was a mixed blessing. He was able to confirm that Darkrai did indeed exist by basking in the glory of his sleep bound companionship. And that's why he has unshakeable nightmares to this day. Salem's sheer force of will kept him healthy and well, but until he meets Cressalia (As he one day plans too), they won't be going away.

    His next expedition came only a few years later, when he was fourteen. Why he hadn't gone earlier is a complete mystery, with Lake Verity practically a stone's throw away. He sat at the lake edge for hours with the companionship of his Pokémon, sketching and pondering over the cave situated so tantalizingly closely, yet so far away. He camped out for an entire month, hoping for just a glimpse.

    Meeting as many legendary Pokémon as possible and becoming the stuff of legends himself had since become Salem's one goal in life. He crafted a heroic new persona for himself named Rolly, and sought to become someone worthy of the role he wanted to embrace. He had never even bothered to register as an official trainer before hand. He still has yet to travel the region, and one day he plans on it. He's been patiently biding his time raising his team of Pokémon to the best of his abilities, studying his ancient history and mythology, and battling other trainers to improve himself. He's participated in many local competitions, and after claiming an overwhelming victory in the last few, he's developed the confidence to enter the Pokémon Grand Tournament. The theme of the event is a particular interest to him, and he's determined to make the most of it.

    Cartoons, they're a gateway drug, man.


    If there's one thing Salem has ever believed important in Pokémon battling, it's versatility. And while all of his Pokémon are very straight forward and attack driven, each has a couple special bits to provide support or heckle the opponent. Such as Polka's Ice Fang or Waltz's Helping Hand. They cover a wide type diversity with their movesets, and they each share fairly few weaknesses. And they can cover eachother's weaknesses too!
    Where Salem's knowledge of legendary Pokémon excels, he's not even fully familiar with all of the Pokémon in his own region. But remaining prepared for anything (except y'know, defending) has taught him well, and he's quick to pick up on the flow of a battle and a new opponent that he's unfamiliar with. Just as long as they don't... You know. Attack back too much.

    So it's a philosophy of hit 'em where it hurts, and hard.


    Waltz Male Luxray
    Rash Guts
    Moveset: Return Thunder Wave Wild Charge Crunch
    Swing is Salem's most steadfast companion. His first Pokémon, and his most reliable friend whenever he's feeling down or needs help. Rather than walk, Salem actually rides around on Swing's back. The Luxray doesn't seem to mind in the slightest, and even seeks to accommodate his trainer.
    Swing wears his own personal pair of goggles that swing from his neck. It's really a silly joke on Salem's end, but in Swing's own opinion they look cool. He is a hot blooded Luxray who deserves an awesome accessory, after all.


    Swing Male Arcanine
    Serious Flash Fire
    Moveset: Heat Wave ExtremeSpeed Close Combat Helping Hand
    Swing and Salem might strut about with their silly antics and nonsense and whatnot, but thankfully Waltz is there to keep them in check! Or so he'd like to think. He was given to Salem by a traveller in a trade for a Shellos. The two became far closer than Waltz was with his older trainer, enough that he adopted a new name. The steadfastly loyal Waltz will never back down, and will always have his friends backs.


    Polka Female Floatzel
    Naïve Swift Swim
    Moveset: Dig Waterfall Iron Tail Ice Fang
    Polka shares two big things with Salem. His cowlick, and his insatiable curiosity for all things mythology. She much prefers finding interesting old knick knacks and stuff though. They're so much more fun to play with! Like... Magical!
    Polka needs about as much as a sneeze to provide "valid" reasoning for any sort of decision, and the truth is that she has troubles obeying commands... But she gets to go on such exciting adventures with her friends! That's totally radical!
    What manner of Skullduggery is this!?
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