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Thieves Forest-Thieves Village

Zane watched as the group departed, going their separate ways, some off to find a place to sleep, while others perhaps a bite to eat. Zane was weary of the day's events, so he decided to go sleep as well. Zane walked along the wooden railways, peering inside the treehouses, finding some with sleeping Pokemon and others with Pokemon awake and conversing with each other. Zane wondered how the sleeping ones were able to get any rest with all of the ruckus that went on outside. Dancing Pokemon went passed him merrily, some occasionally glancing back at him. Their expressions were mostly intrigue, but some were with disgust. They knew, one way or another, whether by his golden appearance or the emblem he now proudly wore, he was an outsider.

Zane turned the corner to see another treehouse and when he peered in, he saw hardly anyone inside. Deciding this would be his destination, Zane walked in and found a spot at the corner of the room, laying down and using bag as a pillow. Surprisingly, the thick wood of the treehouse nullified a lot of the outside sound. It was as if he was in a tranquil environment. It was almost nice. He laid his head down, and close his eyes. He remembered the events of the day: The path to the forest, the meeting of Roswell, the journey inside, the battle, and eventually, the formation of the plan. He hoped the repetition of these events in his mind would tire him into going to sleep. And sleep eventually came for him...


"We can't hold the position." A voice rang through the air. Zane tried to open his eyes, but all that could be seen was blurred vision. He could make out a few figures in front of him, but couldn't see their faces. However, the blurred vision died down, and the faces were becoming more vivid, but still unclear.

"The eastern area is taken. If they move any further, we'll be trapped. The more we push forward, the more surrounded we get." The same voice spoke. Zane could still not make out who it was, but instead listened.

"Divert the rest of the armies to our rear. Tell them to hold on and keep the path back open as long as we can, Dragonheart." A second voice said.

Dragonheart? Zane felt like he heard the name before. His vision cleared a bit more, showing one larger Pokemon standing next to two smaller ones. They appeared to be in a wrecked room, on the verge of collapsing.

"It will be done, Kaiser." The first voice said to the second.

Kaiser? Dragonheart? Zane was sure now. These were Gold Tribe titles, titles of the tribesmen of old, from many decades earlier. The vision came into focus, and before him were three Pokemon: a Zangoose, a Salamence, and a Roserade. Zane immediately identified the Roserade as the same one he had seen in a dream the previous day. The Zangoose was the same one who appeared the the dream before that. He was certain of this. He wasn't sure how, but he was certain.

"If this doesn't work, all this will be for nothing." The Roserade said.

"Have some faith, Burstborn." The Zangoose known as 'Kaiser' replied. "It has to work. Go check on our route, make sure the Ancients aren't onto us." The Roserade known as 'Burstborn' nodded, and left the area, leaving Kaiser standing alone in the crumbling room. He sighed, and held something up in his hand, something that shined brightly, but because of the reflection of the sun seen through he cracks of the building, Zane couldn't tell what it was.

"So much death over so small a thing..."


Zane awoke, breathing heavily over the intense and vivid dream he had just had. In fact, it felt more like a vision than a dream. Zane lifted his head up from his bag which acted as a pillow, and took in the surroundings around him. The room had overnight filled with sleeping Pokemon, thieves of all kind, almost a dozen spread out lying all over the room. Zane silently gathered up all his belongings and headed outside quietly, trying his best not to wake anyone. The outside sun shone brightly through the cracks of the tall trees. His eyes adjusted to the sight of the village. It was unusually quiet and peaceful, almost nobody outside. Zane assumed the late night of partying had left them all tired. But Zane had to see off his brothers and sisters on a mission, and he didn't want to be late for it, even if he wouldn't be participating in it.

Zane walked through the railways over to the familiar building of the Decreement. In front of it, some of his brothers and sisters had already started gathering. Dark Lightning and Hoodhide were already present. Zane acknowledged them with a slight bow of the head, to which they did the same.

"Sleep alright, brother?" Zane asked Dark Lightning.

"Quite well, surprisingly, considering where I slept. Had an interesting dream." He replied. Zane raised an eyebrow.

"Really? So did I. What was it about?" Zane asked, curious.

"I dreamed I was a young lad just joined into the Gold Tribe again. Back with my friend Rodrick. We were such rascals back in the day, I tell you. Always getting into trouble." Dark Lightning chuckled. "It was pleasant to see his face again, even in sleep." He sighed. "What about yours?"

"I-" Zane began, before he was interrupted by the scream of another. "Oi, brothers!" a voice cried out. Zane turned to see Lyn approaching them. "Looks likes you're here already! I tell you, these thieves may be at ends with us, but they sure do know how to have fun! Interesting night, huh?" She asked as she approached them. Zane lowered his head, deep in thought on the dream still vivid in his mind.


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