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    Originally Posted by xalien95 View Post
    I've done something fast eheh


    I haven't done the bg "
    Thanks :D
    If I end up using it, I'll put your name in the credits!

    Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
    You've said that this starter kit will be much like Black and White, with 3D landscapes and such features. 3D as in the Black and White percieved depth.

    I was wondering, will there be/is there an option to go back to the RSE era, not in 3D? I ask because the tiles I make are very RSE in style and I was wondering if they would be compatible. If not I'll work on some 3D things and have a browse around.
    At the moment, the Pseudo-3D effect is on the bench, I won't be adding it, if at all, until the main features are scripted in, and when it's added it'll be totally optional!
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