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It's been so long since I've RPed, I hope this is acceptable.

Should I wait for your approval/disapproval before sending my history?


Amell Vanderbilt :::: Vasa
seventeen | ♂ | volunteer
Caelum -/- Soul Rage


As most teenagers his age Amell is one lanky individual that can never find clothes to properly fit him. He wears an oversized, wrinkled, worn-out hoodie jacket which he hasn't taken off since he has gotten it. (Well, for things like showering, swimming, he does.) The colors have all faded causing the jacket to look quite dull. Once it had been a fiery red color with horizontal white stripes that varied in sizes every other stripe. The sleeves have a variety of bite marks up and down it as if a mouse chewed on it. This mouse would be Amell as when he is nervous he is known to chew on the end of his sleeves. There had been strings in his jacket but those had disappeared long ago. A washed out, black t-shirt is seen poking out from underneath the hoodie. His jeans seem to fit into a similar mold to his hoodie as it too isn't in the best shape. Tattered in a few places from his quests that take him all over the place. If one stared at them, his jeans, they would noticed several spell incantations written with a heavy hand in marker. To finish off this assemble comes the only thing Amell cares for, his boots. Tan in color, and about a size 14, these boots are his proud and joy he never leaves without them, in fact he never takes them off. They don't seem to have a speck of grim on them unlike the rest of his clothing.

Coming in at a whooping 150 lbs/68.03 kg and being 6'2"/187.96 cm in height doesn't always work to his advantage. This disadvantage causes his opponents to laugh when facing him because he doesn't have a menacing look to him. His tanned skin would be Amell's favorite thing about himself, he says it reminds him of caramel which happens to be his favorite candy. His least favorite would be his hair which is why he doesn't have any, he always leaves shaves it off. Two endearing, green eyes were blessed upon Amell, they give an innocent look to him which can work in his favor. Along with his bright smile there's almost no one he can't persuade into doing something for him.

  • tends to talk to himself as if he is a entirely different person without realizing it.

Amell is not the most "normal" kid on the block/guild and thus he is rarely seen connecting with any members. His talkative nature tends to annoy even the calmest people and cost him friendships in general. Not that he would even notice as he is usually too busy bickering with himself. Conversations that start with him and another person more than often end with him and himself, arguing nonetheless. Amell increasing gets louder, angrier, and more disturbed the longer he carries on. The only way to "calm" him down is by simply placing your hand on his shoulder, it seems to center him. People are always wary to get close emotionally and physically with him but once they do most of them are hooked. Infectious with his chattiness, it seems he could make the mute speak.

During quest Amell would rather work with teammates than work alone. He is more of a follower than a leader as responsibility over others tends to scare him. His teammates would not hesitate to declare how loyal he is despite his oddball nature. Amell sees his life as nothing much than something to be thrown away and because of this is often seen rushing into battle without warning. He leaves all the strategizing and scheming up to the other members on the team as if his input means very little. Amell knows that sooner or later his Soul Rage spells will take drain his life force eventually leaving him a vegetable. With this he figures it's better for him to sacrifice his life sooner than become a motionless body.

As a volunteer he travels to different guilds and completes quest without having to be tied down by them. Preferring to not be settled in one place for long, Amell gathered this was the only reasonable occupation for himself. Though if he had to pick a guild he knows deep down that it would have to choose Sabertooth.

  • interaction | silence
  • flowers | dead/wilted nature
  • dairy products | vegetables
  • money | coins
  • forests | open meadows


Soul Rage is the ability to separate ones soul from their body. It is a technique that can do more harm than good if one has not had the proper training. The user of the magic/spell leaves their physical form and becomes an intangible being. Their physical form collapses which leaves it completely vulnerable to anything that comes across its path. The soul is much stronger, faster, and better overall than the physical body that it inhabits. It is more offensive than defensive as the speed boost enables the user to attack an opponent multiple times before they can react. When making physical attacks the soul itself also becomes tangible and in that moment is open to any attack. As for its defensive capabilities there is only one that is handy and that's the Soul Barrier. Often used for team combat, as the user spreads its soul over a physical form and absorbs all damage done to it.

Using this magic is very taxing to the individual, some are known to not wake up for days after exerting themselves. Death is more common than injury among Soul Rage users. Time is a key component in utilizing this technique as using too much will cause internal injuries to their physical forms (ex: rupture organs, heart attacks, crack bones), and too little, well, it's just not possible to return to your body without at least fifteen minutes passing by. It is said that the soul takes on a more crazed personality or an entirely new one all together. It is also known when the soul returns to physical body it causes the mind to go insane a little at a time.

  1. Soul: Barrage - The soul zooms in with incredible speed and tries to land several physical attacks (punches, kicks, bites).
  2. Soul: Barrier - The soul is able to cover a physical form and take the damage from an attack that they normally would've. The physical form it covers feels absolutely nothing, almost as if it wasn't there.
  3. Soul: Drain - Attaching itself to the opponent the soul is able to steal energy from its opponent replenishing any strength or recovering from any sustained injuries.



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