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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

The Salamence stood alone in the middle of the 'street' for a while. He figured he was up way too early, just as it usually happened. Nothing was going on in his mind right then, he would just scratch the ground, thinking of what was to come today. Thankfully, he had not anything to worry about; just squish some ancients when the time was right. That's how he thought of Defender's trap, although he knew it was more complex than that.

A massive growling sound from his belly snapped him out of his thoughts. He realized he had not eaten for a while. Berries will do, for now, he thought, as he was unable to hunt anything. He took a look around the trees and found some oran berries hanging down from a small one close by. Ragnaros headed over there and shook the tree with his head, almost making it fall down; all its berries fell on the ground and he started picking them up, eating them.

'Bet they didn't have any meat around here..'

He murmoured, disappointed from the berries. Now the sun was shining brightly through the leaves of the moving trees, with Ragnaros walking under them towards the Decreement. He was not sure how he had found his way there, but he didn't think of it much either. Some of the others were standing outside the giant treehouse, including Vigil; he paced over to them.

'Beautiful day, isn't it?'

He said sarcastically as he laid down with his head on the ground, observing the surrounding treehouses.

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