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Originally Posted by mamoswineftw View Post
Hey guys,

I have this little thing that's been bugging me, there's a specific episode that I can't remember when in the series it is, and I can only remember a few basic, sketchy plot details. I scrolled through Serebii's episode guides but couldn't find it, so I hope you guys can help. Here are the details (I think):

-Air Balloon race, with Brock/Misty/Ash taking part in one of the teams
-They step in because someone is injured the night before
-First prize is a Dratini (not 100% sure)
-Ash uses Pidgeot to find air currents during the race
-Brock's Vulpix controls the flame for a bit, but Charizard eventually steps in

That's pretty much all can remember. Or maybe it was just a dream... Either way, could you guys let me know? It's been bugging me for a couple of hours now.
Is this the episode you are thinking about?