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Black and White Feedback / Discussion Thread
If you've got something to say about the forum feel free to express your opinion here so the forum community can discuss. Past discussions have included how to improve activity, as well as what to do with weekly polls, and things along those lines. I'll document all the past discussion points below, however the thread itself is for discussing the forum and how you can get the best out of it, so please do make use of this thread!

Past Discussion
July 2012:
So as you've probably noticed lately, this section has been kind of slow - well, slow for a while. One of the main things that have been happening is that it has turned into Unova Pokemon Polls, as I like to think of it. Most of the threads are about the Pokemon, rather than the games themselves.

Now while B2W2 does exist, and it's expected that activity does die down, it's not really a good thing that the Pokemon threads outnumber anything else being made. The weekly polls aren't really to blame for that later because if you remove them, then there's 6 less being made overall.

So the issue here I think is that there's too much of an emphasis on the Pokemon of the region, which can be found in B2W2 and future Pokemon games, rather than the actual games themselves. While I don't mind an occasional few threads, they just get boring to read after a while because it's always the same things over and over, for the most part. For example, look at the most disappointing thread, not only were people posting Pokemon from other regions, but most people have posted the same Pokemon over and over. As for the Unova Pokemon not looking like Pokemon thread, again, same Pokemon over and over.

If you'd also check the posts in each of those threads, the Pokemon threads definitely outnumber everything else in terms of posts being made in those threads, other than the general "this or that game" or "favourite gym leader", etc.

While I don't really want to kill off weekly polls, because they do generate a bit of activity here, I think something has to be done about the mass Pokemon threads, because in reality, every other Pokemon gaming section doesn't have as much of an emphasis on the Pokemon - in fact, usually not even favourite from the generation because they're usually in Pokemon Voting Polls.

We'd also like more discussion but I really don't think that can happen outside the Pokemon threads.

Either way, what I'm asking here is what you guys want to see, whether you like just having threads on the Pokemon and would rather a Unova polls section not gonna happen and generally what you think can be done to improve the overall section as well as activity. So yeah, what do you guys think should be done here?

To-Do List
» Bring back weekly polls in enjoyable format, October 2012
» Revive the older threads as part of a new initiative, November 2012
» B/W Get-Together, March 2013

Feedback is welcomed by regulars and by those that don't post here - I can use feedback from anyone that has thoughts on the section, really!

- Forever.

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