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    Sorry that I am late. Here is chap2

    Chapter 2

    Three Rocket Executives ran through the hole in the wall, Petrel, Proton and Ariana. Petrel brough forth a Toxicroak and a Weezing, Proton, a Rotom and an Umbreon and Ariana a Slowbro and a Golduck. Following them, were three Rocket Grunts, each with a Golbat. The three young trainers threw their pokeballs, revealing Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Chaos summoned her Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Lucario, Alakazam and Machamp. "Oh drat, I wish I had Genesect with me..." she thought aloud. Charmander nobly scratched Goldbats, being hit with powerful wing attacks itself. Bulbasaur played defence, tackling andthing that came near Charmander or Squirtle. Squirtle tackled for all it was worth. Charizard and Machamp were taking on Toxicroak and Weezing. A flamethrower hit Weezing, sending it to the ground, Machamp used mega punch, knocking out Weezing, but being hit with a sludge. Toxicroak poisonjabbed Machamp, being countered with Mega Punchs. Eanwhile, Venusaur and Alakazam were battling Rotom and Umbreon. Umbreon was sending off shadow ball after shadow ball, each being destroyed by Alakazam's psychic. Rotom, fired off hyper beams, countered by Solar beams from Venusaur. A quick magical lea dispensed of Umbreon, as Alakazam used psybeam, causing Rotom to lose control, reverting to one form after another. Rotom collapsed to th ground in wash form, just to be magical leafed by Venusaur. Blastoise and Lucario were taking on Slowbro and Golduck. Hydro Pump, and bone rush were both simaltaneously aimed at Slowbro, causing it to ue a pathetic psybeam on Lucario, before collapsing onto the floor. Golduck, however, unleashed hydro pump, smashing Lucario to the ground, unsuprised though, when Blastoie use body slam ,destroying Golduck. The three Golbats and Toxicroak reformed, all attacking Lucario with poison jabs and wing attacks. Suddenly, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle all used their attacks on Golbats, causing the Golbats to collapse. Venuaur used solarbeam, sending toxicroak staight through the wall!

    Meanwhile, Giovanni and Archer trudged round to the back of Oak'slab. Giovanni's Arcanine flame charged the back, revealing the room with the orbs of Kyogre and Groundon, two legendary pokemon, with the power to estroy th world! Archer sent out his two Machoke and aWeezing to guard with him, while Giovanni took the orbs! Giovanni's Alakazam used psychic, leviating the orbs into the air. Arcanine and Crobat guarded the wall to the main pat f the lab. THe orbs finally eached Giovanni's hand, when, suddenly, Toxicroakshot, fainted, through the wall, leaving a big hole! Giovanni quickly returned his Arcanine and Alakazam and hopped onto Crobat, flying away! Archer quickly folloed, astride Staraptor. Chaos ran through the hole, seeing Giovanni fly away! She hopped onto her Pidgeot and gave chse! While flying, she quickly called Leaf.
    "Leaf, we may need your help. The Rockets have reurned, and they hav Giovanni!"
    "Roger that mam, I see you now, I'll catch up. Leaf out."
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