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Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
Well that's great and all but...well, wouldn't a sea anemone be well...a Water Type?

Either way I want that Pokemon now. Because that is just SO COOL. So in that case would we want something like a Christmas Tree Pokemon? I mean, it has the plants and the electric lights, so it makes just as much sense.)
Well, yeah, but... Shh. xD It's the best I could come up with okay? xD I think a Christmas Tree Pokémon would be interesting, but isn't that what Abomasnow/Snover are meant to be? :3 Plus I can't really see how they'd make that without it looking really cheesey/awful :c But it would be interesting to see them try :D

Originally Posted by Zephele View Post
I don't think it's too much to fudge the types a bit. I mean, Stunfisk is clearly a fish and should probably be Water-type, but its strange typing works with it very well.

One idea for Electric/Grass that I had was an electric pole with wires... but even as a fan of something like Trubbish, I think that's stretching it a bit, haha. Christmas tree Pokemon definitely works better. Or maybe some sort of weird carnivorous plant which uses lights and electricity to attract and stun prey. Something like this (click!) but instead of using sticky sap, the arms glow...? I don't even know, haha. But I do want a Pokemon with this typing to exist too, now.
I agree with the Stunfisk thing; especially since Stunfisk actually lives under water, so yeah the sea anemone idea could work x] Hmm, a pole with wires could be interesting, but it's kinda making me think Ferrothorn with a thinner body xD I reckon the image you linked would be perfect though, it already looks like it's glimmering with energy :D

So how about an Electric/Poison type? o3o I don't even know where to start with this one lmao; at the moment I'm just thinking a snake with an electric tail. xD Here's some Electric/Poison fakemon I found on Google, what do you guys think of them?


I'm guessing the idea is to combine radiation and electricity... But yeah, I'm actually kinda like them tbh. And it's not like I can think of any better ideas xD It's an interesting direction to take Poison types in too tbh, using radiation as opposed to actual poison.